Stack.PHP Examples

These links provide examples of how to use Stack.PHP for different tasks. These examples also provide a means for testing the authentication methods and output helper classes.

Simple Examples
Fetch User's Questions[view source]fetches a list of all questions asked by a user
Search for User[view source]searches for users whose names match the specified string
Error Handling[view source]demonstrates the proper way to handle errors in Stack.PHP
Simple API[view source]exposes Stack.PHP's data to other clients
Output Helpers
Comprehensive Site List[view source]displays a list of all Stack Exchange sites
List of Users[view source]display a list of users on a particular site
User Info[view source]display the information for a specific user (requires JavaScript)
Explicit OAuth[view source]demonstrates authenticating a user using the explicit OAuth flow
Implicit OAuth[view source]demonstrates authenticating a user using the client-side implicit OAuth flow (requires JavaScript)