A simple and easy to use PHP library for the Stack Exchange API.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
APIMain class which provides access to all sites and routes
APIExceptionRepresents an exception that occurs inside Stack.PHP code
AuthProvides access to the methods that require OAuth 2.0 authentication
BadgeRequestA request for badges
CacheBaseRepresents a means of caching API responses
ComboboxOutputDisplays the provided data in a combobox
ErrorCodeError codes for the API route /error
EventRequestA request for events
FilestoreCacheProvides a means to use the filesystem for caching purposes
FilterRepresents a filter for data returned in the response
FormatOptions and tools for formatting table values
InboxItemRequestA request for items in a user's inbox
OutputElementRepresents an HTML element that displays data from a PagedResponse object
OutputHelperProvides some helpful output methods for HTML scripts
PagedRequestA request for a paginated resource
PagedResponseAn object capable of requesting paged data sequentially
PagedSiteResponseRepresents a response that contains a list of sites
PeriodPeriod values for the /tags/{TAG}/top-askers and /tags/{TAG}/top-answerers routes
PostRequestA request for posts
QuestionRequestA request for questions
SiteA Stack Exchange site providing an API
SQLCacheProvides a means to use an SQL database for caching purposes
SuggestedEditRequestA request for suggested edits
TableColumnRepresents a column in a TableOutput
TableOutputHelper class for outputting HTML tables from Response objects
TagRequestA request for tags
TagSynonymRequestA request for tag synonyms
URLProvides a means of easily specifying an API resource
UserRequestA request for users
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